All is yours

Copywriter hype
High aspirations transferred to the user comm.

These effects are feasible, and hypothetical. 

The prototype is exactly known by its immediate effect, i.e. the extent of attention / interest. 

Commonly, editing.

But uncommon is the cause of the,  effects… .
The vehicle, the bespoke suit, doubtlessly fitted. This, the villain’s hideout; or the knife, proffered handle-first.

The null-value edit

Ideas / content /framework free to use, verbatim.

Re. ownership. The bait is  cast. with the hook line and sinker.

Use it. Or not… but trust us.

The Model returns 

the all powerful language, the very stuff of thought; manipulated, fundamentally.

The unthinkable, achieved. Easily.
What we  believe

 If you / your firm / agency can carry the model,  

again, all is yours.

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