All is yours

The headline indicates high aspiration: a quality derived on the model, transferred to a user’s text. ‘Text’ implies copywriting. That expertise referenced, the term is dropped / distanced and uncopied writing follows — governed by a first principle, a certain attitude and a short rule. 




 The Author

The ex-copywriter is now a ghost. No longer a copywriter, but simply the cause of these effects… that are also transferrable… to who would be a copywriter / speaker / CEO / webmaster /etc.


Frank Bone Industries

We are  presenters / demonstrators. Our function: to sketch here and expand elsewhere. To not presume on time or inclination, the model documents in light of interest.

A view

Excellence is common. This doesn’t presume to be otherwise. Commonly, we know the consummate power of language; are doubtless in its execution; and despite differentiating, retain the popular notion that the copywriter, in light of a scalable idea, can be a kingmaker.

The model is scalable.

Benefitting from scripts, stories, promos, b2b, etc. it will extend your benefits beyond present levels. Alternately, if you can carry the image it would create for you, then again, all is yours.