We are Frank Bone Industries

defining as:
an effect stemming from a cause.

The cause is our author.

We call him our Source 
and describe him as an asset.


The Cause of this Effect

Your co-transactor in real time

So why the double up, why ‘us’? Authenticity is lauded on social media. “Be yourself,” say influencers. And everyone appreciates plain and simple. Why risk confounding you with this layered effect?

— To illustrate a dilemma we all face:

In an ‘attention economy’ one competes equally with causes AND effects. The attention don’t discriminate between the two. It attaches to Tom Cruise (a cause) as easily as to Maverick (an effect). Both are equally accessible. The only consideration for the attention is: which is more compelling.

— A no-brainer in our view

So, what our Source can’t beat, he joins … to compete at the higher, effects level.

Re. Offer

 The Frank Bone Industries effect transfers to the Subject via the Ed.It:
a designer copy edit.
Named for the Source. Gedd.It?

Why should this effect transfer?

A decision we leave to you.

What the Ed.It delivers

  • Economy, via syntax
  • Doubtless expression by way of our Model



… & Impact

— Not to imply a lack in our prospects. This pitches to who embodies these qualities and seeks equivalent representation.

We bring the value of years to a business voice, an online voice, a public voice … to any voice. 

Why ‘voice’?
Our minimalist syntax returns effective script — no extra words for tongues to trip over.

All factors considered, we strive to be succinct and are always concise, for not using two words where one will do.

A Meme

Key Attributes

  • The Ed.It assumes the informed reader, that you DO know the power of reduction. We address adults, not kids.
  • Default tone is non-didactic … thus is the Subject differentiated.
  • The Ed.It is artistic. We argue for our preferences, but nothing is prescribed. Tone, volume, style — all adjustable

… within our Model’s parameters.

  • The Ed.It is a product, not a service. i.e. not reactive on a requirement. It is that which was hitherto unconsidered — proactive and particular:

and ‘ingenious’

We tend to omit self-evaluation, but again, tendencies ain’t rules.

For the bold, the Ed.It will omit evaluation altogether. We contend that efficacy is self evident, and that evaluation — by the writer — is a door slammed in the face of the reader, who is better equipped to evaluate.

We operate from this premise:

— Great is the power of suggestion.

  • Students of cause and effect, our core practice is … distinguishing a first and a second place.


Towards attracting the reader, we consider all cognitive biases … but we disdain the negative bias. Sentences starting from a negative premise are flipped — positive words are placed first, negative words second. Negative words are then often made redundant and fall off the back. 

Copy shortens.
Effect lengthens.

The Measure of the Ed.It

Our intro AV is dated. Today, more ghostwriters haunt LinkedIn than do CEOs. So, we don’t identify as ghostwriters. But we do maintain the invisible effect, not betraying clients for our benefit. 

We use neither testimonials, nor a portfolio.
— The Ed.It is a novel product, proactively advanced. 

The primary measure of the Ed.It is its present effect.

Shortly, are you compelled?

“To make a sale, make a friend.”
Common aphorism

‘Friend’ is too liberal in our view. Business is business, and whether via client or collaboration, our aim is to be well paid.

But we do seek resonance … and by now we infer that to a degree.

We’ve pitched some of the technical aspects of the Ed.It. But the ‘magic’ is not in the technical aspects, it is in  …

The Model