The Cause

The resource appears as required; otherwise, to the fullest practical extent, he is a null-value. A transparency. Invisible. Remote. Represented … by Frank Bone Industries.

—Who sells character don’t break it.

The effect

Frank Bone Industries is a PAC Model: i.e. aspects of an ego, personified, and seconded to represent the resource. A Parent, Adult and Child, respectively, we three then constitute a 3rd person, thus affording a measure of objectivity in what is, in fact, self-promotion.

Our Organisation

Parent = Editor
Adult = Writer
Child = Creative 

The Parental Editor is the unseen authority – a reductive force. The Adult writer is the evidential / present effect – a rational force. The Child is ‘Clarity’ – a creative force. Clarity is our apprentice, and the interjector in our home narrative, identified by her preceding dash.

— Check.

At Frank Bone Industries, the ubiquitous Idea defers to the rarer Edit. Clarity creates typically, but is the better destroyer – prococious and well-versed in her method.

She has a Tiger.

A note on 'TA'

The resource is NOT an authority on Transactional Analysis. Neither is he a therapist, nor a coach. At the core he is an editor.

Dr Eric Berne – TA’s source – is admired for his succinctness, as much as for his theory.

—Dr Berne reduced TA to a fist of words.

The PAC Model