The Projected effect

Frank Bone Industries is a PAC Model: we are aspects of an ego, personified, and seconded to represent the ‘uncopied writer.’ Parent, Adult and Child, respectively, we three then constitute a 3rd person, thus affording a measure of objectivity in what is, in fact, self-promotion. Subsequently, as the inhabiters of the Model, we retain 3rd person status, with respect to the client communication.



Parent = Editor
Adult = Writer
Child = Creative 

The Parental Editor is the unseen authority – a reductive force. The Adult writer is the evidential / present effect – a rational force. The Child is ‘Clarity’ – a creative force. Clarity is our apprentice, and the interjector in our home narrative, identified by her preceding dash.

— Check.

We are an atypical Agency, where Creative is not the primary effect. At Frank Bone Industries, the ubiquitous Idea defers to the rarer Edit. Clarity creates typically, but is the better destroyer – prococious and well-versed in her method.

She has a Tiger.

A note on 'TA'

The resource is NOT an authority on Transactional Analysis. He is simply a user of his PAC model. Neither a therapist, nor a coach. At the core he is an editor.

Dr Eric Berne – TA’s source – is admired for his succinctness, as much as for his theory.

—Dr Berne reduced TA to a fist of words.


The Resource

The legal person appears as required; otherwise, to the fullest practical extent, the Resource is a null-value. A transparency. Invisible. Remote. Represented by Frank Bone Industries.

Who sells character don’t break it.