“The Reactive Consumer” lends from the PAC model… in light of which, the typically advertised brand is, arguably, prescriptive and condescending.

In our view: insensible to the didactic example it sets. 

This Play is then incurred. It sends in response to the Advert, is described as equal and opposite, is definitively anti-advert, and perhaps inferred as anti-brand.

Yet it is an expression of CSI, and courts agency from the Elder child, to safeguard the actual child. Should that impressionable little person adopt typical Brand manner, what chance? 

The fall of the brand

Like everything in the Covid era, the Brand appears vulnerable. 

Whether vulnerable to our Claim remains to be seen. But, to safeguard the child, we will Branson that Claim through the Gates of Bezos if we Musk – and seek redress there, just the same.

Our Claim is hence set loose — as a free idea, afoot in the Land of Perception, offered to readers at large, and packaged as: a reason to engage an Advertiser.

Shout back at them — invoke our Claim!

We anticipate executive pockets lighting up all across Brandland … incoming texts disrupting the disruptors  … a symphony of beeps muting the Advert … the squeaky wheel of the ‘Industry’ halted by millions on millions of reactive demands for the Return of Stolen Attention.



This effect doesn’t aim to be right or reasonable. It courts no agreement, cares not if perceived as unworthy. It measures its own success … by the fact of your presence — the modicum of Attention reclaimed from the Advertiser.

To non-advertisers / fellow Consumers / resonating others: Your attention, whether taken or given, is appreciated as priceless.