is a transaction mode supplying ’cause to engage.’

Attention Traders are reactive, typically.
If transacting , you came upon us, we did not seek you out. 

our attention ain’t free. Capture incurs cost.
to recoup that cost, attention captured, must be returned, in kind.

So say’th Attention Traders
Yes, we are serious, & we are sovereign. Influencers are seen as debtors

— Come again?
debtors, arguably.

Stop! say Marketers

Attention is a choice — where you focus, that’s on you.

Don’t like the content 

fuck off!


Contrarily, attention is NOT a choice. It is compelled. Initially anyway

— Content matters less to Attention Traders.

The advance of the content is enough

The internet is an ‘environment,’ scientifically speaking. 
— There is no off-switch!

marketers impinge from all points. 

We can choose whether to be compelled by your content. But we have to  engage you. Wherever we turn there you are


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