"Where to?"

We appreciate your interest /  time. The clock ticks loud at Frank Bone Industries.

We infer a smaller audience — and greater resonance — but we remain in the Land of Assumption.

We assume, like us, you are time-strapped, so the pedal is to the metal, to sooner reach the Land of Transaction.

We’re drivin’ our ‘Model’: a taxi cab of sorts — the same that will Branson you through the Gates of Bezos if it Musk.


Our effects heirarchy

The bones of our Model

Definition: a framework underpinning the Ed.It and uncopied writing.

Implication: method —>  consistent output —> transference of effect irrespective of subject.

The Model is a hybrid framework, incorporating:

1. The PAC Model
2. Return to Source / Hero Journey archetype
3. A personal framework.

The first informs tone, the second, narrative, the third, creative.

Re. The PAC Model
Frank Bone Industries presents as the ‘TA Adult’ (yours truly). We assume to address same.

Default tone is Adult to Adult.

Tone is then non-didactic.
i.e. we assume audiences are informed, less in need of educating, and better equipped to evaluate what we say, themselves.

We don’t inform on Transactional Analysis. That’s not our area. These Editors are not analysts. We use The PAC Model particularly, for our own purpose — to distinguish even tone from that which is patronising or subservient.

About us:

Frank Bone Industries is itself a PAC Model: a Parent, Adult and Child respectively — an Editor, a Writer, and a Creative.

Hence, yours truly enjoys input from the Parent and Child, in addition, enabling tonal dimension and characterisation.

Our Source personified his TA ‘personas’ and seconded us as  representation. Distinctively, then, we define as a firm, not a personal brand.

— Our Source remains a singular invoicer.

Reminder:  We are speeding through the Land of Assumption to sooner arrive in the Land of Transaction … where detail is supplied in light of interest.

Re. Return to Source / Hero Journey

‘Story merchants’ all have their take on how to monetise this framework, such as:

Occam’s Razor is the sharpest tool in our shed
— We just sell The Boon, yo!

The boon being the reward earned by the “Hero” on completing the journey. Typically, it is then ‘bestowed’ on others.

We don’t identify as heroes, we are traders. We don’t ‘bestow’ sh*t.

—We sell / trade the Boon

Naturally, to sell it one must first have it. One needs to have made the journey — returned to source, and subsequently, returned to society.

—As Tolkein puts it: ‘There and back again.’

Along the way, the journeyer is typically reduced … often to zero. (This is where the well-heeled, SUV-driving Hero Journey peddler  might lack.)

At zero the magic happens.

In the case of our Source, the wholly reduced became the consummate reducer.

— The Ed.It refers

And his Boon … is what?


— The qualities transferred via this Model.

Again, we don’t imply that prospects are lacking. We pitch to you who embodies these qualities and would be represented accordingly.

We can’t all be syntactic geniuses. Right?

Hence we all sit on the horns of a dilemma — all betrayed by superfluous words.

Or, maybe your status supersedes your syntax? You’re perceived as top-notch, irrespective of your expression?

—Or, you’ve Grokked an AI solution?

You are more informed.

Our view: AI output is neither distinctive nor different.
— And users are vulnerable to Attention Trading.

The copybot is a fast generator, sure,  but it is pedestrian in effect.

Frank Bone Industries is slower to generate but language-wise, we …

Nifty vid, huh?


Well, these expertise are parochial. Our focus is copy … and specific effects.

Specificity is key to distinctiveness, we feel.
Hence we invite perusal of our product, persé.

The specifics of The Ed.It