A result of Covid 19, the Model is new, and is marketed as new. Unprecedented, it has no ‘porti,’ so its measure of worth is then its present effect — i.e. the quality of your attention.

We propose that your Attention now equates to your buyer’s Attention later, subsequent to the Model being applied to your copy.

—Premised on the idea of transference.

The CV describes a 20-year copywriting career, but subsequent expertise and experience places this in advance of that output. Here, the porti = the potty: a child’s device, full of you-know-what.

We infer, on your having clicked the ‘Portfolio’ link, that you place value on that device, that for you, past reflects present. Fair enough. In this case, however, the quantum leap to the Model was made through introspection and self-effort away from the workplace.

The resource last worked in Advertising a decade ago. Thus we don’t presume to herald a ‘copywriter.’ The resource remains ex-Industry, may be inferred as anti-brand, and presents, rather, as an uncopied writer, who retains a consumer perspective, despite the B2B modality.

Thus he competes with the copywriter / advert / agency / brand.

(Our views on what passes for professional written coms are not aired publicly, but are shared in transaction.) Either way, the Model plays to who feels misrepresented by their incumbent agent.

The Model may not offer the safety of the tried and tested, yet it has what nothing else has presently – your Attention.

Is there a more priceless currency today?

This expertise is parochial. Operating at depth, on fundamental strata, the resource is uninformed on specifics. The Model is then a collaborative tool.

Prior to transaction, we rely on your own expertise, insights and instincts to ascertain if, how and where the Model might apply.

Keyed on common principles, this ‘voice’ and these intentions are widely relevant, suited (theoretically) to Advertising, PR, multifarious ‘content’, public speaking, and the array of corporate business communications.

To inform yourself further, we invite a browse of this site. Alternatively, the button serves direct engagement.

Soon we thank you.

Frank Bone Industries