3 types of information are discerned:

  1. Topical info
  2. Info pertaining to the buyer / reader
  3. Info about the presenter

Topical Info

Pertains to the subject, is then prioritised.

Information pertaining to you, the Buyer

This includes who you might be, why the topic might interest you, why it is relevant to you, and how you might benefit.

This Edit defaults to the Adult – Adult transaction mode. (Transactional Analysis refers.) We infer your knowledge of self and presume your awareness of your own interests and motivations.

This type of info is then seen as redundant.

Subsequently …

Redundancies are typically omitted. Any such references appearing in our preceding draft are removed from the present draft … without loss of meaning or function.

Information about us, the presenters

Beyond the biographical context, the presenter is not seen as the interest, and is typically fed to the Tiger.

The following link expands our view of the presenter; and the reason why the Null-Value Edit is so named is made apparent.

Value vs Values