The conversation


: Accepted reality is an effect, projected from a deeper cause.

Common theory or actual fact, that is true of these presenters. We too are a projected effect: invisibly transparent and real as anything.

An effect implies a cause. That is our Source: a.k.a. the Uncopied Writer; the Asset.
— Referring to the apparent or ‘real’ person, depending on your viewpoint.


We are an objective effect, providing our Source with a 3rd person perspective in his efforts to self-promote. Typically, his eye cannot see itself. 


Subjective services

Uncopied Writing is a figurative term, referencing a ‘dead’ copywriter and implying a ghostwriter.

i.e. we present as the client (subjective connotation). That ‘Subject’ is cloaked in uncopied writing and differentiates accordingly. 

Characterisation is implied.

Featured item: the persona of the ‘Returned Adult.’

Objective services

Uncopied Writing has an objective / literal connotation.

Our Source reversed-out of the copywriting arena 10 years ago. This represents his return … to a degree. He remains distanced, to better observe copywriting, and he remains reversed, to savagely compete with it.

— A consulting function is implied.


We represent our Source at the Interface, where practical. The actual person stays remote, appearing as and when needed.

Preferably, who sells character does not break character.

— Transaction is with the Firm.

We hate words 
… yet retain a love of Language. Our core practice is editing, and we are open to ideas 24 /7. A Creative is thereby referenced, along with the Editor. A third aspect, yours truly, the present effect, is the writer / researcher.

Together we constitute our Source’s PAC Model; are thus a Parent, Adult and Child.

Parent = Editor
Adult = Writer
Child = Creative

# Transactional Analysis.

— 3 entities constituting one 3rd person; the singular invoice sent.

That is Clarity, our Creative, identified by her preceding dash.

Here, Creative is not the primary effect. At Frank Bone Industries, the ubiquitous idea defers to the rarer Edit. Clarity creates typically but is the better destroyer, precocious and well versed in her method.

— She has a Tiger.

Tone / Style

This tone and style does not reflect the Model’s output. Once contracted, we operate per the proposal / brief. Language is economical by default, output concise if not succinct, returning:

  • time
  • space
  • gravity
  • impact

B2B, B2C and C2B coms are facilitated

‘The Model,’ the product, is literally the Source’s mind-set. We are then synonymous with it.

— Out the box but included in the package.

 A CV refers to experience, but the ‘porti’ has been fed to the Tiger.

We have something more profound to recommend us, something no similar effect has presently …

— Your attention
… and your inferred interest.

Those would be maintained, beyond this narrative and into transaction, where you then become the object of our attention; where we ascertain your interest; or devise a profitable enterprise together.

Our vision

The Model will Branson you through the Gates of Bezos if it Musk.*

All that is achievable with Language, and Attitude, is within scope of the conversation.

Your ambitions might be simpler, closer to those of our Source. He, however, is subject to our aspirations, that are, per the ‘Returned Adult,’ limitless.

Limitlessness may seem impractical, but that effect is easily transferred to a communication, or persona, by removing limits in your text.

It is an effect created syntactically; and a quality that will transform tone, and change perceptions. 

You need only brass, means, and intent.

* Our vision statement describes a virtual destination, and does not imply the movement of our Source. He is remote, and stays put. Who sells character, doesn’t break character.

Transaction is with the projected effect, yours truly, Frank Bone.

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