The Commodities at Cost (called the Adverts)


The Objects of Interest

(Represented by Messi Draper Pie)

a Consumer (also the Claimant) 

an Economist

a Therapist

Mr / Ms Brand (also The Advertiser / Debtor)

and these narrators

 our play describes a battle, fought between the adverts and the objects, for the Consumer’s attention – a battle that is, in a sense, for the heart, mind and soul. Hence we urge the opening of your mind’s eye to its first act …

The Consumer stands centre-stage. The Objects and the Adverts to each side of him, vie for his Attention. Each camp has its respective means of attraction.

The Adverts have the numbers, the paid-for space, the systemic channels and the lesser scruples. The Objects have the genuine interest.

The Objects are consumed gladly. The Adverts, well …

 In effect of the Advert, the Consumer is alerted to what he lacks. Consuming the Ad is then a negative effort. He is made to feel dissatisfied with his lot. On balance, bile is swallowed, not honey.

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— Who will make it right?

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