The Claim Proper

  • The Claim is specific Adverts that interrupt and divert the preferred flow of Attention, and that address the Consumer directly, as inferred by use of the ‘you’ pronoun. We then deduce the proactive engagement of the Consumer by the Advertiser. The Advertiser, then, is cited as the advancing party.
  • The advanced-on Person, (the Claimant) retains reactive status to the point of redress.
  • The Claim is un-related to the advertised item.
  • It sues for the return of unqualified Attention, feasibly summed in 3-second, 30-second or 1-minute increments

Peruse your media schedule, Mr/Ms/Mx Brand, to know the extent of this Claim against you.

— Discover the identity of Mr / Ms / Mx Brand in Act 3.