As experienced, our Attention goes most readily to what we a) Fear and b) Desire – qualities synonymous with an entity we call the ‘Feeler.’

— That is then designated the ‘Keeper of the Attention.’

The Feeler dwells in the muscle of the Claimant, beneath Reason, at subconscious depths, where the polite citizen – the Rational man – defers to that primeval denizen.

— The Feeler rules the Consumer.  

Attention, in its turn, is all-enabling. Everything that can be achieved is achieved via the Attention. Nothing gets done without it. Attention, then, is considered priceless … and what is priceless, Mr /Ms Brand, is guarded.

Who preys on the Attention hunts in causal ground, rank with consequence; who thieves that Attention, thieves from the Feeler, the green-eyed Keeper: the sleeping giant … so rudely awakened.


THUS YOU HAVE the reason for our Claim, its rational argument, and its driving force. We now furnish a context  — the Play proper. That may not please the Advertiser … yet we advise The advertiser attend, to then be informed, if and when our claim is served against him/ her.

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