To who “consumes” their media:

For best effect, please now reverse your perception, by viewing this media as the consuming quantity, and your Attention as the quantity being consumed. 


Our intention is to serve a Claim on Advertisers – for the return of Attention: a resource that is, we argue, being stolen from the eponymous Consumer by the Advertiser. 

That Consumer is hence the ‘Claimant.’ The Advertiser is the ‘Debtor.’ The Claimant is represented by these Narrators. The Advertiser by:

Mark Read, CEO WPP. Here called the Advertiser / the Debtor / Mr Brand


Mark Read represents the Advertiser at L-A-R-G-E. Our Claim extends to all agents / intermediaries / beneficiaries of Adverts, all of whom are debtors / thieves in the eyes of these Narrators.

Our Claim is forceful.

A rational force constructs the logic and presents the argument. A reductive force conveys the style. An emotional force drives the Claim.

A statement to Advertisers

For too long have Advertisers ridden rough-shod over these sensibilities, appropriating what is a proprietary effect. This appropriation of the Attention is at cost to the Claimant … who intends to take back from the Advertiser / Debtor that which is so callously taken from him. 

— Believe yourselves safe behind your establishment walls, and within your common and accepted practices. Continue to assert the will of the Brand … and hope that your precious “idea” doesn’t turn and bite you in the ass.

That is Clarity, identified by her preceding dash.

Clarity represents the emotional / creative force. She is, typically, a Child; and in respect of the child, works toward the ruin of Advertising and the Fall of the Brand.

The presenting Narrator – an Adult – represents the rational force.

Together with our Parental Editor – the reductive force – we are Frank Bone Industries: effects, resident in the mind of the Consumer / Claimant: aspects of his ego, personified, and seconded to serve his Claim and illuminate the ensuing drama.

— We also operate the Model.

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