Writing and editing are indistinguishable in our view. ‘Uncopied writing’ is then an inclusive term. It is not a comparative term. ‘Uncopied’ does not imply uniqueness, but incorporeality — a dead copywriter. 




 ‘Clear’ indicates transparency, not cogency. The reader decides if this is lucid. (Uncopied writing makes few assumptions.)

Transparency, in turn, implies invisibility. The writer is unseen, to better facilitate transference.


Your Attention being the measure of our product, we have 2 options:

  1. Hold your Attention for longer, to increase perceived value 
  2. Make our sentences shorter, and our points sooner, to not lose your Attention

Savers of time, we favour the latter approach. 

The Editing aspect is implied — that is detailed here. 

Representation of the Edit follows, preceded by a word from the 1st Person: a.k.a. the ‘Source,’ the ‘Author,’ the ‘GenX-man,’ the ‘Goose in the Flesh.’

—The maker of the audacious move.

We are in awe of this person.

The 1st-person view

“I am a janitor of the sentence; a toiler in the syntax space— a basement dweller.”


Janitor. Stormtrooper. Cleaner. Ex-man. Etc. The resource is not these. To the fullest practical extent, he is a null-value. A transparent placeholder for a user.

— “A man is no-one.”

The above properties are just effects of uncopied writing: wares in a costume shop — personas, suits, masks and associated haberdashery.


Competing for Attention, we compete with the elite, with the famously attractive and the impossibly talented; not with Tom Cruise but with Maverick; with superhumans, suicide missions, and fantastical digital experiences.

— As do you, we assume.

Hence our smorgasbord offering: anything imaginable — if it can be described in English it is within the scope of the conversation.

Featured Offer

The Returned Persona — a giant, that bestrides business, domestic and imagined worlds. 

The Point

The effects generated by uncopied writing are weapons, used either by you or your competitor — who beats you to the button is made faster still.

Re. Speed of words

The quick brown fox lags behind the lighter goose.