Prospective Trader

1st RULE of A2A:
Keep a straight face  

 This no joke

Believe in your attention claims 100%, having suffered tangible losses:



— all valid reasons to pursue the return of your attention, in kind.

 Use discernment

Spying a product on a shelf, then claiming it distracted you is ill-advised.
Shopping is proactive. The choice-less aspect negates.
Sans choicelessness, you can’t win.

— Stay reactive.
You needn’t seek targets, they seek you.

Pacing is vital. Take your time when it is called for. 

A2A’s Purpose 
 is to resonate, harmonise, and unite with others.

It wants to be followed and widely adopted.

2nd rule of A2A:

Don’t be an a-hole.

Attention Trading plays out in the land of cause and effect,
where perception, as ever,  is a prime value.

There are many prime values on your path.
Your job is to recognise those.

Like Elon recognises his.

Take time out.
Stress less.
Seek a happy medium.
Some friction generates interest.

The all-important approach:

Demand your attention be returned, you lose. Traders have no legal recourse and scant defence against 


We have, instead, a target-rich environment.

One needs convince whomever of the impeccable and unimpeachable beauty of A2A.

You will be branded trolls, no doubt — you will be ambassadors for human worth.

Frank Bone Industries
demos A2A.

Follow to see it done.


  Feel free to transact,
you are anticipated.