A mind-set applied to text, returning Attention regardless of content.


Commonly sensible and scientifically portrayed, the Model remains artistic. Its operators have aspirations, inclinations, a reductive bent and, we assume, some inspiration … but no absolute truths. Nothing here is claimed as fact.

The parochial resource is not an educator, and beyond his own narrow field is largely uninformed — reliant on research and / or supplied content.


In light of the singular capacity, our own selection process would attract like-minded partners. To this end, credentials are NOT supplied; and the ‘porti,’ in this case, is cited as the present moment — a statement placed forwardly in respect of time.

 Our currency is Attention. That is our offering, our commodity, our solution, our silver bullet … and, frankly, that is the measure of this prototype.

The Bare Bones

The Model returns B2B, B2C and C2B coms.

Text conforms to:

  • principle
  • rule
  • attitude
  • outlook
  • stance

the basic Principle

Cause and Effect

Essentially, a first and a second position are distinguished. Hence the Model is cognisant of events preceding and succeeding the present event. It is then informed on priorities, word order, logic and flow.

the short Rule

 Omit Needless Words

Best-practice editing is employed, per our reference library. Notably:

The KISS principle also applies. Default output is plain, simple, clear and precise.

— Clarity’s Tiger refers.

the Doubtless attitude


  1. What is said succeeds on how it is said.
    Attitude is primary. The Model defaults to a DOUBTLESS attitude. (Largely a technical consideration.) Doubtful words are discerned, per our editing parameters, and omitted / removed from the text.
  2. Attention is all-enabling.
    Everything that is done, is only done with Attention applied. Subsequently, anything can be done.
  3. Language imbued with doubtlessness will undoubtedly cause Attention.

Our attitude: what can’t be achieved on the Model?

The Limitless Outlook


The Model will Branson you through the Gates of Bezos if it Musk.

Limits not seen are drawn, for effect, and defined and discussed in light of requirements.

Limitlessness – another transferred quality – is also technically derived … by omitting / removing limits / values from the text.

— Our editing parameters refer.

The Level stance

Levelness and Balance are qualities characteristic of the ‘Adult,’ as defined by Transactional Analysis. The default transaction mode is then Adult to Adult. Default output displays no predispositions or transactional bias. Morals, values, judgements, opinions to be supplied by by the user.

Opinion of the Firm:

The typically advertised Brand is Parental. i.e. it bosses the buyer, talks down to the buyer, presumes on the buyer and prescribes to the buyer. We ourselves project a contrary force, that (by degrees) removes the Parent from the text.

That said, usage is as preferred by the client

Embedded Models

The PAC Model

The Model is informed by Transactional Analysis, specifically by the PAC Model.

Our Source is no authority on TA; and does not inform on it. He is a user of his PAC Model, that is used in his own way, for his own ends — presently to staff this representing Firm.

Nonetheless, PAC mechanics are simple enough to be employed in the Edit process, if not in the live transaction.

The Monomyth

The Model references the common narrative archetype, depicting a protagonist’s journey, trials and return. That complex storyline is not employed. We simply sell the ‘boon,’ i.e. the consequence of the trials.

In the case of our Source, that is a state of mind, characterised by the present and preceding qualities, as well as determination, self-knowledge, respect of others and the wisdom of age.

Essentially, the Model is that mind-set, commodified. Hence our featured offer: the Returned Persona.

Note: This offer does not imply a lack of these qualities in any prospective Subject. On the contrary. The persona is marketed to who resonates with this text, and who feels misrepresented by their incumbent agents.

the remote conversation

The Model represents a life’s work, and a loathing of words. So what to do. The detail is prolific, the intention succinct. Hence, ‘effect’ is prioritised here, and detail is shared in transaction.

Soon we thank you.

Frank Bone Industries