time. space. gravity. impact.

The Novelty

Describing a reductive Edit, we are hoisted by our own petard … so we proceed with levity and appreciate any latitude granted us. The tongue is in the cheek, yet the eye is steely. Nulling values is deadly craft.

All claims, implied or inferred, are theoretical. At time of writing, this Edit hadn’t been applied beyond this site. This effect, however, has been accruing for a decade. Content, whether generated, sourced or supplied, is stamped with weight of experience and the wisdom of age.

But, experience is old hat, no?  Passé. In a market where age is pooh-poohed, novelty is our drawcard. This Edit’s first professional application is imminent … and transacting sooner puts you up the line.

So, do you:

a) press button
b) press on …


Clients and their requirements are our interest. Self description, not. Yet, Attention is our currency. As long as you follow, our value increases. 


Your Attention now reflects YOUR buyer’s Attention later — the words change, the effect remains.

— They will hang on your every word. 


The Model is literally a mind-set, having proclivities and inclinations, but no absolute truths. What follows describes the Edit method, but is no style guide. We not grammar Nazis. We are syntax specialists. The only rule religiously adhered to:


Text is rendered as concise as time and expertise allows.

The distinctions made are nuanced and numerous, and clarified in light of transaction.

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