As played on a page by a buyer and a seller.

Presently, you play the (prospective) buyer, we are the seller.


Time & Information

Time is yours. Info is ours.

Per a zero-sum game, where one gains, the other loses. i.e. where info is advanced, time is lost; where info is retracted, time is gained.


Create Value


The value of time is exclusive to you, the buyer. Time allows choice. 

Info, in turn, creates value for both buyer and seller, if it is relevant and clear. But, in claiming your Attention, info precludes choice, and consumes time. So less info may return greater value.


This game is not lost by one and won by the other. We both win or both lose. Where effective info prevails, time is well-spent, mutual value derives, the game is won. Irrelevant info sees time wasted, the desired effect is unrealised, no value accrues to either side, the game is lost.


… is your call.

Our means of discerning relevance — of separating wheat from chaff — unfolds on this path, where you continue as the (prospective) buyer … and our info continues to consume your time.


We play this game in partnership, using your info and with your buyer.