What is said succeeds on how it is said.

Attention is achieved primarily with style. The subject matters less. (In this mind-set.)

Template-like, the Model returns consistent style, irrespective of subject.

We view ‘content’ as a sum of the parts of language – nouns, verbs etc. Those are then arranged per the Model’s parameters / client requirements.

Premise 2

Attention is shortly retained.

Or, the sharp point is sooner taken.

The Model, then, is reductive, syntax is minimalist. Our rule: don’t use two (words) where one will do.

We don’t claim outstanding talent in that regard, only voracious intention.

Consideration extends to diction, where plain words are favoured.

— Understand?





Consequently, the message is accelerated. Thus time is transferred to the client / user – time being a product of clear, succinct and / or concise copy.

The default attitude is ‘doubtless.’ In part, doubtlessness is technically derived, via arrangement and choice of words; in greater part, doubtlessness is innate in the resource, who we describe here as a ‘returned person.’

In effect of his personal journey, he is now doubtless in the execution of his craft. Being an invisible person, that doubtlessness manifests in the user.

No lack in the user is implied. On the contrary. Representing such a high degree of expertise, we direct to top level, where doubtlessness and gravity are commonly occurring.

In our view, the typical brand voice, representing so many top level players, is largely prescriptive, and / or presumptuous, mundane and long-winded.

We pitch then to who may feel misrepresented by their incumbent agent.

Detail defers to transaction.