The Dead are Free

Uncopied Writing is not big on self description. It would sooner cloak a Subject.  

— Transaction options follow.

The Cause of this effect

‘Uncopied’ implies a copywriter that was. Hence the ghostwriter tag is assigned, and that function promoted.

Our Source sooner identifies with a cleaner function, sees himself as a janitor of the writing trade – a basement dweller, and as far as is practical, a null-value: remote, invisible… represented by this effect.

THE 3rd person

In effect of a 10 year absence from Advertising, we represent a writer returned … and removed; distanced from copywriting, to better observe and compete with that function.


In its most literal sense, Uncopied Writing is a reversal (in some respects) of the craft practiced a decade ago, in the brand environment, where the tendency was to boss the buyer. Informed by that experience, the Model returns differently.

— It is buyer-centric rather than brand-centric.


While much bathwater is tossed, the baby is retained. Uncopied Writing maintains common, best practice writing technique, while being as concise as time allows … to sooner deliver the point… to the heart.

—The Model is not a toy. It is a weapon, used either by you or your competitor.

The Child

The ‘null value’ cares less. Hence it falls to us to express ‘feelings’ … which we do presently, for effect.

In light of the following remark, the Source returns into an apparently hostile environment. 

“The average age of someone who works at WPP is less than 30 – they don’t hark back to the 1980s, luckily.” — Mark Read, CEO, WPP.

The Adult persona remains unthreatened. But in effect of that shot, fired across these bows, we react in kind …

We don’t presume on the context or tone of that remark. We do infer the prevalence of Millenials and Centenials in the Industry paradigm. In our view, that reflects in the text.

The Business entity that is represented by the child, is mired in doo-da, and so, slow.

— In respect of language, the quick brown fox lags behind the grey goose.


Prospective Subjects might feel misrepresented; lacking the poise and gravity that befits their person; they may view their bought ‘idea’ as trite.

They needn’t be in Advertising, nor the Brand environment. We operate at depth, on fundamental strata. Hence this expertise applies to text in general.

The Writer is uncopied and unencumbered. So, in seeking our Subjects, we look beyond the experience area, into to PR, Corporate and Production spaces, and to political, legal and sporting arenas.

Thus we showcase our aspirations, and illuminate the qualities of doubtlessness, fearlessness, and limitlessness — that are transferred to the Subject, in respect of character and image.

To that end, is offered the persona of the Returned Adult.

— The Giant.

  • No need or lack in the Subject is implied. The Returned Adult is a crafted effect, based on values inherent in the Model.


Uncopied Writing will Branson you to Gates of Bezos if it Musk.


In the persona of the ‘Null-value,’ the Source remains equal, presenting no ethics, morals, bias or predispositions. Those to be supplied by the Subject, along with intention, means and brass.

Soon we thank you.

Frank Bone Industries.