values vs. value


Values: personal effects pertaining to, and signifying, writers: their opinions, beliefs, judgements.

Value: that which pertains to and benefits the reader.


The Edit returns a ‘reader-centric’ effect. Value is prioritised, where values are nulled.

— By association, writers, as evidenced by their values, are also nulled.

The Adjective

Writers may argue their right to show up in their writing, and to evaluate their own words. Contrarily, while the word may be proprietary, its effect belongs to the reader.

The effect confers the ‘experience.’ As values convey the writer’s experience, and betray his or her presence, do these values not preclude / interfere with, the reader’s experience?

To us, the adjective is a choice denied to the reader. A door slammed in a face.

—Emphatically, the finger.


In dismissing writers’ values, we betray our own. We who are purveyors of effect, are not staters of fact. We only illuminate the thinking at Source; and, as ever, describe inclinations, not edicts.

While it’s true, we do despise words, we retain a love of language. No part of language is then excluded from the output. 

Presentation of the Null-value Edit concluded